Take your mountaineering to the next level with Summit Expeditions as we take you to Aconcagua, South America’s highest peak and one of the mighty Seven Summits. With Summit Expeditions you will experience individual guidance in your preparation for this challenge, as well as expert support throughout your expedition on Aconcagua.

Although not technically difficult, Aconcagua is giant at almost 7,000m and is the next step for those attempting the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge after Kilimanjaro and Mt Elbrus. Join Summit Expeditions on our next Aconcagua climb and discover why we are the top expedition company on the mountain.

28 Dec 2023 - 14 Jan 2024
Expedition Package
Price for 1 climber (16+ years old).
Deposit: $1,250

Discounts are available for groups of 4 or more – Contact Us for more details.


18 Days
Max Altitude
6,961 m
group size
all inclusive


Aconcagua is a mountain in the Principal Cordillera of the Andes mountain range in Argentina.

It is the highest mountain in the Americas, the highest outside Asia, and the highest in the Southern Hemisphere, with a summit elevation of 6,961 metres. It is also one of the iconic mountains that form part of the esteemed mountaineering challenge “The Seven Summits”.

In this 18-day adventure to the heart of South America, we have planned the perfect balance of acclimatization and summit success. A sure recipe for adventure and success.


On arrival at the international airport in Mendoza, a Summit Expeditions representative will be waiting for you.

After checking into the hotel, we will have a group meeting where you will be introduced to your guides and fellow team members.

After breakfast, we have a 3-hour drive up the Villa Los Penitentes, where we stay overnight.

In the afternoon, we will prepare our equipment that will be transported to base camp by the mules. After this, we will have dinner and an early night.

Sleeping: Mountain Hotel

Max altitude: 2,700m

Today we drive to the Horcones, the entrance to the Aconcagua National Park, where we get our first view of this majestic mountain. 

After our permits are checked, we head off to Confluencia at 3,390m. Once we arrive we will organise our gear before having dinner.

Sleeping: Tents

Max altitude: 3,390m

We will trek for about 4 hours until we arrive at Plaza Francia viewpoint where we can enjoy the impressive Aconcagua South Wall.

This is one of the nicest points of the expedition and you will have a breathtaking first view of Aconcagua that you will never forget. 

We’ve included this day for you to acclimatize better and increase your chances to summit.

Accommodation: Tents

Trekking time: 5-6 hours

Max altitude: 4,000m

Today we trek to Plaza de Mulas, the base camp for our expedition. 

Early in the morning, we start our walk across “Playa Ancha” (meaning wide beach), a deserted and always windy valley. We slowly gain altitude walking up to the Horcones Superior Valley. 

After 8-9 hours hiking across Playa Ancha and climbing up through a very steep path, the “Cuesta Brava” (meaning Rugged Slope), we reach Plaza de Mulas, at 4,300 m.

Sleeping: Tents

Trekking time: 8-9 hours

Max altitude: 4,300m

The first day in Base Camp is always a rest day. This is a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Camp, take a shower and explore the area. 

We get together with the guides, do a medical checkup, reorganize and review the equipment, prepare the loads and organize food for transportation for the next day. 

Sleeping: Tents

Trekking time: Acclimatization day

Max altitude: 4,300m

Today we will carry some of our equipment and food to Camp 1, which is called “Plaza Canada”. 

We keep our backpacks light and carry as little as possible to be able to gradually adapt to the altitude. During the load transportation to camp 1, we reach a level of 5,050m. 

It is very important to maintain the adaptation of our body to altitude, to achieve good acclimatization. Then we return to Plaza de Mulas. 

Sleeping: Double Tents 

Trekking time: 5-6 hours

Max altitude: 5,050m

After the hard days of carrying and climbing, we rest and recover our energy at Base Camp. These rest days provide the best possible chance to acclimatize and achieve the summit. 

Sleeping: Tents

Trekking time: Acclimatization day at Base Camp

Max altitude: 4,300m.

After having breakfast, we start our ascent to Camp 1, which we reach after 5-6 hours.

We then rest and have dinner. 

Sleeping: Double Tents 

Trekking time: 5-6 hrs 

Max altitude: 5,050 m

On this day, we move from Plaza Canada to Camp 2 named “Nido de Cóndores” at 5,550m.

This is when we start enjoying the real beauty of high altitude, ascending more and more, surrounded by a spectacular view of the Andes.

Sleeping: Tents 

Trekking time: 5-6 hrs 

Max altitude: 5,550 m

This day is dedicated to improving acclimatization to altitude. 

We take the opportunity to rest and give our bodies more opportunities to acclimatize.

Accommodation: Double Tents 

Trekking time: Acclimatization day

Max altitude: 5,550m.

Early in the morning, we start ascending to Camp 3. 

Plaza Colera sits at the same altitude as the Berlin refuge, strategically situated for its altitude and cover from winds. From there, we have unforgettable views of the highest peaks of the Central Andes. 

We set up our last high-altitude camp here. We also plan the final strategies for the last day of ascension to assure success in reaching the summit. 

We have dinner and rest. 

Sleeping: Tents 

Trekking time: 5-6hrs 

Max altitude: 5,970 m.

The day begins at 5:00am. 

We continue on the Normal Route up to Independence Refuge (6,380 m). This is normally where we see the first sun rays of the day. 

We ascend the “Portezuelo del Viento” where we can experience strong winds, even on calm days. We pass by the superior part of the Western face and climb “La Canaleta”, a 300m channel that takes us to the edge of the summit. From here we go through the Filo del Guanaco, which leads us to the summit. 

There we can directly observe under our feet the Southern Wall of the Aconcagua, considered one of the largest faces in the world. 

An indescribable feeling of satisfaction takes over as we reach the summit at 6962 m, where are waiting for us a 360° view and the experience of achievement that you only finally understand once you reach it. 

After sharing these moments of accomplishment and emotion with our expedition mates we then return to camp 3.

Sleeping: Tents 

Trekking time: 15hrs 

Max altitude: 6,962 m

We have these two days in case of bad weather. If we do not use them, we can stay at Base Camp to rest and enjoy the mountain. 

Sleeping: Tents 

Trekking time: TBC

Max altitude: N/A

Return from Camp 3 to Base Camp. 

We will have a special reception and have a celebration dinner. 

Sleeping: Double Tents 

Trekking time: 3hrs 

Max altitude: 4,300m

We have breakfast and then start the descent from Plaza de Mulas to Penitentes. 

There is private transport waiting to take us to the hotel in Mendoza City.

Sleeping: Hotel in Mendoza 

Trekking time: 3hrs 

After breakfast, we end our expedition and say our farewells at Mendoza airport. . . until the next adventure.


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