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Where we stay is very much part of the experience. Each adventure may have one or more of the following types of accommodations based on where we’re heading. Always check your LHO gear list to ensure you’ve got what you need to sleep comfortably.


We aim to strike a balance between unique local experiences and international standards of comfort and hygiene.


When the experience includes camping we provide the tents, sleeping mats, common dining tents, camping chairs and camping tables. The only thing you’ll need to get is a sleeping bag and an optional camping pillow. Please refer to the LHO gear list for more information specific to the trip you’re on.

Tea Houses 

Expect rooms to include a bed and a mattress as well as a common dining area with chairs and tables. You’ll need to bring a sleeping bag and an optional pillow.


Mountain Lodges are usually well equipped, providing beds with duvets and pillows. They also include a common restaurant area. Some lodges require a sleeping liner.